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Suzhou Ethonhuk Industrial Equipment Co., Limited, which is reputed for its famous brand Sinoflo, is the leading pump manufacturer in China. Sinoflo is reputed for product efficiency as it delivers pumps that provide high performance and require low maintenance. Sinoflo pumps are renowned for long term reliability as they provide trouble free operation in critical and demanding on-site conditions.
Sinoflo pays extensive attention to research and development to study the feasibility of new applications for its pumps. Our "in house" research laboratory is continuously working on ways to improve the quality of materials used in pump manufacturing to withstand difficult operating conditions. New designs are continuously developed to improve pump efficiency so that Sinoflo provides the optimum solution for our customer requirements.
Our capability extends to manufacturing custom designed pumps fitted with specialist materials to match specific customer requirements. We have a diverse variety of pumps, ranging from centrifugal pumps to positive displacement pump, etc.
Sinoflo pumps mainly cover the following six industries:
Living Water Transportation Industry
Water Conservancy Industry
Sewage Treatment Industry
Fire Fighting Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Mining and Metallurgy Industry
Where there is Sinoflo, there is water. With extensive know how and steady new development of marketable products with excellent performance, Sinoflo's core competitiveness has been significantly strengthened and market leadership extended. Our market has covered more than 120 countries from Oceania, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, etc
To our customers, Sinoflo offers:
High efficient and reliable pumping solutions
Project execution either by sale or turnkey support
Extensive spares stocked with immediate availability
24 X 7 service support.
Sinoflo-Keep Water Flowing.
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