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HJD Chemical Multistage Pump

HJD Chemical Multistage Pump

HJD series pump is a centrifugal pump of horizontal, single suction, multi-stage, sectional and radial split structure. This pump was designed by the updated hydraulic design software CAD and CFD, with distinct effects in energy saving. And a symmetrical arrangement is adopted which could almost eliminate axial force, prolonging the service time of bearing and mechanical seal. First stage impeller has improved pump’s anti-cavitation ability; and the inlet and outlet arrangement is flexible so as to satisfy various customers (unnecessary to replace the inlet and outlet sections).Seal pattern adopts cartridge seal, and sealing, flushing and cooling auxiliary systems whose designs conform to API682 can be provided according to different operating temperatures and media.

It is used to convey clean medium without particles or corrosive/non-corrosive medium with suspended substance.
Industrial water supply
Power plant (thermal power, nuclear power)
Petrochemical industry
Cooling or heating system
City water supply

Performance range:
Capacity: 3~800m3/h
Total head: 100~1400m
Working temperature: -80~180 degree Celsius
Max working pressure: 15MPa
Conform to JB/T8059, GB/T6907, API682, API610 BB4


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