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Three-Screw Pump

Three-Screw Pump


Three-screw pump is widely used in lubrication stations, hydraulic systems and process cooling systems as power source of liquid, service for industry field of shipping, metallurgy, iron and steel, petrochemical industry, power, machining, etc.

Three-screw pump can be used in transformation of any lubricating liquid without any caustic impurity and the liquid that not chemically erode the component of the pump. For example, lubricating oil, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fluid and natural oil can be transferred by them. And other special lubricating medium such as light fuel, reduced fuel oil, coal oil, high-temperature pitch, viscose and emulsion can also be transferred by three screw pump.


Performance Range:
Max. Capacity: 600m3/h
Differential Pressure: 21.0MPa
Max. Temperature: 250 degree
Medium Viscosity: 5000cst

Operating principle, structure and characteristic:
Three-screw pump is a kind of rotary displacement pump. Its operating principle could be described as follows: consecutive separate hermetic spaces are formed by accurately fit of a pump casing and tree parallel screws in mesh. When driving screw rotates, medium is absorbed into the hermetic spaces. The hermetic spaces make an axial movement continuously and equably as the driving screw moves. In this way, fluid is carried from suction side to delivery side, and the pressure is lift in the whole process.


Although the screw are rotating, fluid in the hermetic spaces doesn’t mix round or form vortex, but slowly makes and axial movement follows the direction of driving screw, which makes three screw pumps have excellent capacity absorption.

Driving screw is hydraulic balanced, and driven screws are driven by hydraulic pressure. The driving and driven screws never touch each other in normal working condition. Oil film is formed between them, so the helical surface of screws will not wear down, which can guarantee the long life span. But it has to be pointed out that driving and driven screws are in critical state and touched directly when the pumps are started up or shut down. So the intensity, surface hardness and machining accuracy of screws must be suitable for the critical state. Furthermore, driven screws have to suffer some kind of radial force. As a result, screws, gaskets, materials and pressure in use must be perfectly matched to insure the oil film between outer round of screw and inner bore of bushing not to be worn out and avoid the abrasion of metal surface.


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