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Twin-Screw Pump

Twin-Screw Pump


Oil field: various oil product, sewage/waste oil, polymer and crude oil;
Petrochemical industry: used as transfer pump to convey various acid, alkali solution, resin, pigment, printing ink, paint, glycerine, paraffin wax, etc.
Shipbuilding industry: used as marine loading oil pump, ballast pump, main lubricating oil pump, fuel oil transfer pump, load/unload oil pump, etc.
Thermal power plant: heavy and crude oil transfer pump, heavy fuel oil pump and fuel oil spray pump.
Food industry: brewery, food factory, sugar refinery, canning factory, etc.
Transfer alcohol, honey, sugar juice, toothpaste, milk, cream, soy sauce, vegetable oil, animal oil and wine, etc.
Coating and painting industry: used as load/unload pump of various coating and painting.

Performance Range:
Max. Capacity: 2700m3/h
Differential Pressure: 10.0 MPa
Temperature: -20~350 degree
Max. Viscosity: 10000mm2/s (reduce the speed, viscosity can reach up to 106mm2/s)

Pump Feature:
High self-priming
Low noise level, pulsation free, without shear and emulsification to the medium.
High overall efficiency
Various applications according to different construction and sizes.
Multiphase pump with mixture of gas and liquid.

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