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Single-Screw Pump

Single-Screw Pump


Single Screw Pump can be widely used in transporting neutral or corrosive liquid, pure or abrasive liquid, liquid of high or low viscosity, and liquid with fiber and high solid.

Food industry: used in brewery or transfer wine, waster residue and additive; also transfer jam, chocolate and similar;
Textile industry: transfer synthetic fiber liquid, viscose liquid, dye, printing ink, nylon, powder liquor etc;
Paper-making industry: transfer black pulp;
Petroleum industry: transfer various oil, multi-phase and polymer;
Chemical industry: transfer suspending liquid, emulsion, acid, alkali, salt, etc;
Shipbuilding industry: transfer residue oil, stripping, sewage and sea water;
Architecture industry: transfer mortar and plaster;
Nuclear industry: transfer radioactive liquid with solid;
Metallurgic and mine industry: transfer oxide and waste water, drainage of mine and liquid explosive;
Sewage treatment: transfer various industrial waste water, city sewage and sludge.

Performance Range:
Max. Pressure: 8.0MPa
Single-stage: 0.6MPa;
Double-stage: 1.2MPa;
Three-stage: 1.8MPa;
Four-stage: 2.4MPa;
Max. Capacity: 300m3/h
Max. Viscosity: 2.7*105cst
Max. Temperature: 150 degree


Pump Feature:

Good self-suction ability
Simple structure
Economical & durable
Insensitive to impurity in liquid
High usability & reliability


Have high self-priming with particular self-sealing;
The transferred medium can have a wide range of viscosity; bad fluidity medium can also be transferred. Due to no stir and shear, the medium with fiber or easily damaged by crystal can also be transferred.
The capacity and speed is direct ratio. It can be widely used in places where capacity needs to be adjusted regularly.
The direction of running and flow are reversible; various mounting types with wide application range.
Steady capacity, lowest pulsation shear.
High efficiency, long service life, low abrasive, few parts, convenient and lowest for maintenance and replacement.


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